Since 2007 we develop racing cars and compete in the yearly Shell Eco-marathon Europe. Find below our placement.

Year Racing Car Range Hydrogen Petrol Equivalent Placement
2023ThaiGer 7877.0 km/m³ (H2)1st place
2022ThaiGer 71118.0 km/m³ (H2)3402 km/l (petrol) 1st place
2019ThaiGer VI1082.8 km/m³ (H2)3295 km/l (petrol)1st place
2018 ThaiGer VI 779.3 km/m³ (H2) 2306 km/l (petrol) 1st place
2017 ThaiGer VI 880.5 km/m³ (H2) 2606 km/l (petrol) 1st place
2016 ThaiGer V 691.8 km/m³ (H2) 2029 km/l (petrol) 2nd place
2015 ThaiGer IV 599.8 km/m³ (H2) 1760 km/l (petrol) 4th place
2014 ThaiGer IV 162.8 km/kWh (H2) 1480 km/l (petrol) 6th place
2013 ThaiGer III 158.6 km/kWh (H2) 1396 km/l (petrol) 9th place
2012 ThaiGer III     19th place
2011 ThaiGer II     17th place
2010 ThaiGer II     25th place
2009 ThaiGer II     21st place
2008 ThaiGer I