Shell Eco-marathon 2018

The ThaiGer-H2-Racing Team successfully defends their European Champion Title

One year ago, the ThaiGer-H2-Racing Team from the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences gained their first victory at the Shell Eco-marathon. This year they are once again in the running for another victory in the hydrogen prototype category. From the first event you could already see that the team was going to be unbeatable with a 779km/m3 (H2) result it their first attempt.

The Shell-Eco-marathon Europe which welcomed 143 teams from Europe and North Africa in Queen Elizabeth Olympia Park in London, is the world’s largest energy efficiency competition with further races in America and Asia. 13 teams competed in London for the European Champion title in the category of hydrogen electric prototypes.

This year’s event

Due to the examination phase at the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences that took place at the same time, only a few team members were able to travel to the contest. With the help of the experiences gained from previous years, the task of moving into the paddock, building up the tents and preparing food was not problematic. The camping area was as dry as a savanna and a test alarm luckily reminded everybody, including those in the paddock, to work cautiously. In the meantime, preparations for the ThaiGer VI.2 were running at full capacity so that the technical check was completed with the first attempt and even a test run was possible. The run met an untimely end however because of a throttled power supply.

Either way, the first event on Friday was a big success. After 15 laps with 945 metres, this time fortunately without the long ramp from the previous years, the driver Theresa Thiem let the ThaiGer rollout. During the roll out, the supercaps fully recharged themselves so that the ThaiGer’s hydrogen consumption was ready to be read off, which came out at 18.3 litres or 1.62g. With this result the team went straight to the top of the ranking list and outpaced the Turin team who could not top this result in further runs. Andon Sunday, in the afternoon the team from Stralsund was definitively this year’s European Champion.

Thank you

We want to thank all our sponsors and other supporters. Defending our title would not be possible without them.

Greendrive team at the Shell Eco-marathon 2018

For the first time the Greendrive team from “Stralsunder Schulzentrum am Sund” started simultaneously with the ThaiGer-H2-Racing Team. Under the leadership of Detlef Mittelstädt they drove in a fantastic event on the last race day. This led them to become one of the top European teams. With a wafer-thin lead, they reached the fourth position in the battery prototype class and outpaced last year’s third position from the Technical University of Graz.

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